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Founded by skater and artist Rae Smith in 2018, Keep Pushing Co Ltd combines skateboarding and artistic lessons, workshops, exhibitions, safe spaces and events.

Based in Manor House, North London, we are forming a community of skateboarders and artists who support and inspire each other regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, ability or anything else.


Keep Pushing Co Ltd now consists of a growing team of skaters and artists dedicated to the goal of making these things more accessible, breaking down the barriers that prevent people from getting on a board or picking up some art tools, and shining a spotlight on a more diverse range of people.

video and photography

From building skateparks and safe spaces, to covering entire streets with murals and street art, we aim to build a brighter, safer, and more inclusive world that invites everyone along for the ride!

We’ve worked with Hackney Council, Young Hackney, Nike SB, Vans, House of Vans, Board of This, Camp VC and more to bring creative skateboarding lessons, art workshops, events and media from and to a wider range of people.


All created by skaters and artists with just one goal: To keep people pushing! Pushing boundaries, pushing limits and pushing the possibilities if what we can achieve together, as a community.


Check out our Keep Growing and Keep Creating projects or take a look through the website to find more about what we offer and what we’ve been working on. Or shoot us an email via keeppushingteam@gmail.com if you’d like to work together. You can also join the mailing list and follow us on Instagram @keeppushingco

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The Keep Pushing Team

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