Unit M Space

What is Unit M Space?

Unit M Space is a meanwhile space in the heart of the Manor House Warehouses, Haringey. 

It has been taken over since February 2022 by Keep Pushing Co – a queer and neurodivergent positive skateboarding and art project founded and run by Rae Smith.

Rae is an intersex, trans, non binary artist and skateboard teacher with adhd and ocd who set up Keep Pushing to create safe spaces for a more diverse range of people to learn new things.

In the last three months, Unit M Space has been host to music jams and gigs, mural workshops, art therapy and body-positive candle making workshops, poetry and spoken word events, art exhibitions and markets – and of course skateboarding lessons and workshops too!

Amongst other things Unit M Space host weekly adult beginner skateboarding sessions, queer skate and paint events, and private 1:1 skate lessons too.

We have also collaborated with local artists, makers and events organisers from the warehouse community including Cult of Rae, Trippy Tuesday, Warehouse Animals, Damien Byrnes, Little Artist Gosia, Spring Thing, Weeeee Collective, Jamborino, Bandhavnayoga, Bag Drip, The Modern Witch Apothecary and more to create murals, workshops and events.

We have done all this without any funding at all – everything in Unit M has either been built by us, found around the warehouses or donated by the local community.

When we first took on the space there was no electricity and there were 6ft deep holes in the floor down to the foundations!

We have the space for one more month, and we are currently looking for funding and support to find another space where we can continue what we have started!



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